1. How many Facebook accounts can I connect to? 

You can connect to multiple Facebook accounts as you like. Remember to sign out of your current Facebook account on the web first before clicking ‘Get New Token’. This will allow a prompt to appear, asking for your Facebook login details. 

2. Can I try Switchboard app for free? 

Switchboard app offers a 3-day free trial and can be installed through the Shopify App Store. When you install the app, it will prompt you to approve a charge, but we will only charge after the end of the free trial period. You can try it for free here.

3. How does the Countdown Banner work?

You will have to create an event first before creating a countdown banner. The countdown banner will be displayed on your storefront and it will countdown to the first event that has been created followed by the subsequent events in a chronological order.

4. What happens to my store after the Live video ends? 

Nothing. Just hide the live video window after it has ended.


5. How does the discount code feature works for the event that I have created?

The discount code is just shown for the user at the forefront of your store and if they would like to use it, they just have to remember and input that code when going through the check out process.