Switchboard lets you share live events with customers using Facebook Live on your store. Plan your live events and create banner reminders to build up anticipation and notify your customers of the upcoming live event. Get the Switchboard app here.


Switchboard is the best way to interact with customers in real time through the usage of Facebook Live. Resolve their hot, burning questions and hear what’s on their mind! It helps to increase customer loyalty and reel in potential customers. 


With Switchboard, customers will no longer need to worry about missing a live event. With banner reminders displayed on the storefront - counting down to the live event -, consumers will be notified of the upcoming live event. 

  • Easy Setup: Hate to fumble with the embed codes? Fret not! We’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Simply install our app and connect to your Facebook account to get started!

  • Go live on your store: Want to do a how-to style tutorial and live broadcast to your customers at the same time? We’ve got that covered! Go live using Facebook Live and we’ll broadcast it on your store as well.

  • Boost sales: Launching a new summer collection and there’s a discount with the arrival of new items? Slide in the discount code when you create a live event. During the live stream, your discount code will be displayed at your storefront to promote the arrival of the new collection.


Switchboard app offers a free trial period of 3 days. After the end of the 3 days trial, you will be charged $1.99 USD on a monthly basis. You can uninstall before the end of the trial period if you wish to discontinue its services and not be charged. 

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