1. Can I view my top 3 discount codes by a specific date range?

Go to Dashboard and click the filter by date option. Select the preferred date range. Dashboard will display the top 3 discount codes based on the selected date range.

2. Can I try Discount Code Analytics app for free?

Discount Code Analysis app offers a 3-day free trial and can be installed through the Shopify App Store. When you install the app, it will prompt you to approve a charge, but we only charge after the free trial period ends.

3. How do I know which discount codes are non-performing?

Go to Dashboard to view the Non-Performing Discount Codes by Order Spend. Discount codes that are non-performing will be displayed under this category and it is based on the total redeemed and order generated compared to the rest of the discount codes.

4. Can I export the orders with the discount code applied?

Go to Discount Codes tab and search for the preferred discount code. Click VIEW to view orders with the discount code applied. Click Export button to download the orders into a csv file

5. What does it mean when there is “No Coupon Available”?

Discount Code Analysis tracks performing and non-performing discount codes by order spend. If Dashboard displays “No Coupon Available”, this means that there are no orders with the discount code applied on the stated day/date.